Android Security Audit

Ensure the security of your mobile application

Android Security Audit

Actual Challenge

The rapid growth of the mobile application ecosystem has challenged the traditional lifecycle of software development, demanding more agile processes that can overlook information security aspects.

What we do

DefenceBit follows the most relevant methodologies for the security assessment of mobile applications, namely the OWASP Mobile Top 10, based on the identification of risks and vulnerabilities, minimizing and mitigating threats in Android architectures.

We assess the following
  • M1: Improper Platform Usage
  • M2: Insecure Data Storage
  • M3: Insecure Communication
  • M4: Insecure Authentication
  • M5: Insufficient Cryptography
  • M6: Insecure Authorization
  • M7: Client Code Quality
  • M8: Code Tempering
  • M9: Reverse Engineering
  • M10: Extraneous Funcionality

Through forensic techniques and reverse-engineering, we carefully analyze Android mobile applications, with the aim of identifying vulnerabilities and security flaws. We then elaborate a vulnerability report and present recommendations so that you can have complete confidence in your app.

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