Pentest Service

The knowledge of our vulnerabilities is the beginning of our defence

A successful cyberattack can mean high financial and reputational losses. It is crucial to avoid or reduce the risk of cyberattack. You must have plans and measures to properly manage e-risks, knowing the threats, risks and vulnerabilities.

Pentesting Service

Penetration testing – also known as ethical hacking – is a method used to perform security testing on a network or system. A pentest involves a variety of methodologies designed to explore a target, in order to identify potential vulnerabilities and test them, to ensure the vulnerabilities are real.

The main purpose of a pentest is to improve network security and provide protection for the entire network and connected devices against future attacks. It consists in a simulation of a process that a hacker would use to launch an attack on a corporate network, attached devices, network applications, or a business website.


Pentest Deliverables

We issue a final report that reveals how and which security issues were identified. The report will thoroughly list all network vulnerabilities that were discovered during the test, along with recommendations on how to fix them – where applicable.
We also produce a report for presentation to the top management, which explains in non-technical terms how the risks can affect your organization as the result of a breach.

Certified Pentesting

Penetration testing is definitively worth the investment for any organization, as it will reveal any potential vulnerabilities that might exist. Our penetration test service is executed by a team of highly qualified and certified security professionals. Check our certifications Hire our professional service and ensure your business continuity.


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